Deal Springer Nature

AWI, GFZ, PIK and RIFS participate in the nation-wide DEAL agreement with Springer Nature.

Term of contract for all institutes: 2nd DEAL Agreement (2024-2028), 1st DEAL Agreement (2020-2023)

Elements of the agreement
  • Reading access for the entire e-journal portfolio including the back files until 1997
  • Eligibility for authors of participating insitutions for hybrid open access publishing
  • 20% discount on Article Processing Charges (APCs) in genuine Open Access journals (excluding Nature Communications and Scientific Reports)
Which requirements must be fulfilled?

You are a researcher of a participating institution and submit the article as the responsible Submitting Corresponding Author.

Your article is one of the following article types:

  • In hybrid journals ("Open Choice"): original paper, review paper, letter communication, editorial notes, book reviews, letters, reports.
  • In Open Access journals ("Fully Open Access"): Original Paper, Review Paper, Brief Communication
What you need to consider?

Clearly state your affiliation in the article submission process. And please use the e-mail address of your institution for submitting.

Please note that any additional costs incurred (e.g. for overlength or color illustrations) are excluded from the DEAL contract and will be invoiced individually to the authors or the section.

Open Access license

The Creative Commons license CC BY is set by default for the contract.

We also recommend the liberal license type CC BY, which grants the most ideal reuse possibilities in science without restricting your copyright in the work.

This is the procedure

Details on the submission process can be found here.


Invoicing and cost coverage

The library receives and pays collective invoices for the publication costs (both for APCs and Publish-and-Read-Fees). There should be no individual invoicing to authors (Exception: additional costs for overlength, color illustrations etc.).

The internal regulations on cost assumption in the different institutes is described below.

The library’s Open Access Team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

At GFZ the publication costs incurred (Publish & Read-Fee) for Open Access publication in a subscription-based journal are paid centrally by the library.

In consultation with the sections, the costs for genuine Open Access publications (APCs) are transferred to the respective Account Assignment Elements of the section budgets or third-party funded projects.

Publications in genuine Open Access journals that can only be financed from section budget funds can be supported from the OA budget. The remaining amount must be financed from section funds. See GFZ intranet:

The publication costs incurred, both for Gold Open Access publications (APCs) and Open access publications in subscritpion-based journals (Publish-and-Read-Fees), are allocated to the research departments. Wherever possible, third-party funds should be given preference.

Publications in genuine Open Access journals that can only be financed from section budget funds can be supported from the OA budget (see PIK intranet:

The payment of the article processing charge (APC) for Gold Open Access publications at the RIFS is covered by the respective cost centre of the project or the third-party funded projects (in each case in consultation with the research group leaders).