Cambridge University Press (CUP)

Term of contract PIK: 1.01.2022 to 31.12.2024

Elements of the agreement

Eligibility for authors of participating institutions (PIK) to publish Open Access in subscriptions-based and Gold Open Access journals by Cambridge University Press (CUP).

Reading access for the entire CUP portfolio.

Which requirements must be fulfilled?

You are a researcher from a participating institution and you submit your paper as responsible Submitting Corresponding Author.

Eligible research article types are Research Articles, Review Articles, Rapid Communications, Brief Reports and Case Reports.

What you need to consider?

Clearly state your affiliation in the article submission process. And please use the e-mail address of your institution for submitting.

There are some genuine Open Access journals (Gold OA) that are not part of the agreement. Here you or your department will still be required to pay the publisher's Article Processing Charges (APCs).

This is the procedure

Details on the submission process can be found here or as PDF.

Invoicing and cost coverage

The publication costs (Publish & Read-Fee (PAR-Fee)) are covered by the library through the settlement of tokens. There should be no individual invoices to authors by CUP.

If the available contingent of open access articles is already exhausted, you will be notified.