Copernicus Publications

GFZ and PIK participate in the publishing agrement with Copernicus Publications.

Elements of the agreement

Publication charges (Article Processing Charges (APCs)) arising from publication in the publisher's Open Access journals are settled centrally via the library.

Which requirements must be fulfilled?

You are a researcher from a participating institution and you submit your paper as responsible Corresponding Author.

What you need to consider?

Clearly state your affiliation in the article submission process. And please use the e-mail address of your institution for submitting.

Any additional costs incurred are excluded from the agreement and will be invoiced individually to the authors. The additional costs must be paid by the section or from third-party funds.

Invoicing and cost coverage

The publication costs are covered by the library as part of a collective invoice. Authors are not invoiced individually for each article (exceptions see below).

There may be different internal regulations in the institutions regarding the subsequent coverage of costs by the administration. These are explained in more detail below.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the library staff.

In consultation with the sections, the APCs are transferred to the respective Account Assignment Elements of the section budgets or third-party funded projects. Upon publication of an article, the library contacts the corresponding author or his/her secretariat and asks for notification of the cost center for further accounting.

Publications in genuine Open Access journals that can only be financed from section budget funds can be supported from the OA budget. The remaining amount must be financed from section funds.

More information on publication costs and the Open Access publication fund and its requirements can be found on the GFZ intranet:


If the APC does not exceed the total price of 2,000 EUR (excl. taxes), your article will automatically be funded with 20% of the costs by the Leibniz Association's Open Access Fund. The remaining amount will be settled centrally via the PIK Library:


If the APC-limit is exceeded, the total amount will be invoiced directly to PIK.

In both cases, a corresponding internal order request should be prepared and sent to the PIK library at the latest after submission of the article. This serves to ensure sufficient commitment of funds in advance.