Financing Open Access

The library supports scientific authors in financing open access publications and provides comprehensive advice to researchers on publishing their work as primary publications or self-archiving their publications.

How we fund your publication

Various publication funds are available for the financing of publications in Gold Open Access journals, depending on the institution you belong to. The funds can be used to cover (a proportion of) the Article Processing Charges (APCs).

Detailed information for GFZ staff on the coverage of publication costs and the budget for Open Access publications can be found on the intranet at:

Detailed information for PIK staff on the coverage of publication costs and the budget for Open Access publications can be found on the intranet at:

Furthermore, the Leibniz Association's Open Access Publishing Fund offers financial support for publishing in Open Access journals. Detailed information on the Leibniz Fund can be found at:

Inclusion of third-party funds

When funding open access publications, preference should be given to third-party funding. The relevant funding requirements must always be observed.

Many funders offer the option of including the costs for open access publications in the project proposal. The library will be happy to help you calculate the publication costs.

Invoice processing for publication costs

The library handles the invoicing of all publication fees incurred, regardless of whether the costs are borne centrally, from third-party funds or by the sections/departments. In addition to the costs for APCs, this also includes costs for hybrid publishing, page charges for the publication of articles with overlength or color charges (charges for colored figures), etc.

Open Access agreements by publisher

Depending on the institutional affiliation, publishing agreements are available that offer different options for open access publishing. So, you can take advantage of discounts on APCs or choose the open access option in a hybrid journal as part of transformative agreements.

DEAL Elsevier

The library participates in the DEAL contract with Elsevier on behalf of AWI, GFZ PIK & RIFS.

DEAL Springer Nature

The library participates in the DEAL contract with Springer Nature on behalf of AWI, RIFS, GFZ & PIK.

DEAL Wiley

The library participates in the DEAL contract with Wiley on behalf of AWI, RIFS, GFZ & PIK.

American Chemical Society (ACS)

The GFZ participates in a publish-and-read agreement with the American Chemical Society (ACS).

Cambridge University Press (CUP)

The PIK participates in a Publish and Read agreement with Cambridge University Press (CUP).


We have an agreement with the Open Access publisher Copernicus that allows employees of GFZ, PIK and AWI to have their APCs invoiced centrally via the library.


The GFZ is also taking part in the Open Access agreement between the Helmholtz Association and the Open Access publisher Frontiers.


GFZ and PIK staff receive a discount on APCs for publishing in MDPI journals. This is provided by MDPIs' Institutional Open Access Program (IOAP).


GFZ and PIK participate in the Publish and Read agreement with Springer Nature, which enables OA publishing in Nature and the Nature Research journals.

Taylor & Francis

Eligibility of authors of participating institutions (PIK) for Open Access publishing in the Open Select journals by Taylor & Francis (T&F).