Nature OA

The GFZ has been participating in the Publish and Read agreement between the Helmholtz Association and Springer Nature since summer 2021. The agreement enables authors to publish hybrid access in Nature and Nature-branded research journals.

The terms of contract are based on the nationwide Projekt DEAL agreement concluded for Springer Nature journals. There is no individual invoicing.

Nature Publish and Read Framework Agreement.

Elements of the agreement

  • Eligibility for authors of participating institutions for hybrid Open Access publishing in Nature and Nature research journals (excluded are Nature Review titles and Nature Protocols).
  • Eligible research article types are Analysis, Article, Letter, Brief Communication, Registered Report, Resource, Technical Report (excluded are Review articles!).
  • Reading access for the entire Nature portfolio as of 2021 including all Nature Review titles and all forthcoming Nature-branded journals.

Please note

The genuine Open Access journals (Gold OA) Nature Communications und Scientific Reports are part of the Projekt DEAL agreement concluded with Springer Nature. Here you or your section will still be required to pay the publisher's Article Processing Charges (APCs).

More information about Projekt DEAL and Springer Nature can be found here:

What do you have to do as a "corresponding author"?

  1. Please use your institutional e-mail address for communication with the publisher, especially when submitting the manuscript.

  2. When submitting the manuscript via "Editorial Manager" or when subsequently confirming your institutional affiliation (after your article has been accepted) in "MyPublication", please select Deutsches GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam as your affiliation (IMPORTANT: Please do not enter the affiliation as free text, but select it from the drop-down menu!).

  3. Springer Nature identifies the authorization based on three components:

    1. Chosen affiliation (main criterion!)

    2. E-mail address (mail address used for submission)

    3. Location (IP range from which the article is submitted)
      The more criteria are met, the better the automatic recognition works. We therefore recommend that submissions be made from the institutional network and with the institutional e-mail address if possible.

  4. If the manuscript is accepted for publication in Nature or in a Nature research journal, please confirm the Open Access option.
  5. Details of the article will be sent to the respective library for review and approval.

Invoicing and cost coverage

The publication costs (Publish & Read-Fee (PAR-Fee)) are covered by the library through the settlement of tokens. There should be no individual invoices to authors by Nature.

If, nevertheless, you should receive an individual invoice for Article Processing Charges, please contact your library immediately to clarify the matter.

If you have any questions, please contact the library's Open Access team: