American Chemical Society (ACS)

The GFZ participates in a Publish and Read agreement with the American Chemical Society (ACS). The agreement enables authors to publish Open Access in subscription-based and Gold Open Access ACS-journals. There is no individual invoicing.

Elements of the agreement

  • Authorisation of authors from participating institutions to publish Open Access in subscription-based and Gold Open Access journals.
  • Reading access to the entire ACS portfolio.
  • These conditions apply from 01.01.2023 until 31.12.2025.

Checklist for corresponding authors

  • Please use the institutional e-mail address for communication with the publisher and when submitting the manuscript.
  • When submitting the manuscript, please select your institution as affiliation: German Research Centre for Geosciences Potsdam GFZ.
  • When the manuscript is accepted, please choose the Open Access option and confirm the publishing agreement.
  • The article details will then be sent to the library for review and approval.

Please note!

Conditions for Open Access publishing with ACS:

  • Eligible authors must be submitting and corresponding author of the submitted article. Please note that it is not sufficient to be nominally corresponding author.
  • Only authors who submit the article from their institutional e-mail address are eligible.

Costs for additional options (colour-in-print, poster etc.) are NOT part of this agreement.

Invoicing and cost coverage

The publication costs (Publish & Read-Fee (PAR-Fee)) are covered by the library through the settlement of tokens. There should be no individual invoices to authors by ACS.

If you have any questions, please contact the library's Open Access team: