Taylor & Francis

Term of contract PIK: 1.01.2024 to 31.12.2026

Elements of the agreement

Eligibility of authors of participating institutions (PIK) for Open Access publishing in the Open Select journals by Taylor & Francis (T&F).

Reading access to selected journals in the T&F portfolio.

A 15% discount on the list price of Article Processing Charges (APCs) for T&F Gold Open Access journals.

Which requirements must be fulfilled?

You are a researcher from a participating institution and you submit your paper as responsible Submitting Corresponding Author.

Your article is one of the following article types: Article, Research Article, Review, Review Article, Report, Brief Report, Note, Case Report, Essay and Discussion.

What you need to consider?

Clearly state your affiliation in the article submission process. And please use the e-mail address of your institution for submitting.

Open Access license

The Creative Commons license CC BY is set by default for the contract.

We also recommend the liberal license type CC BY, which grants the most ideal reuse possibilities in science without restricting your copyright in the work.

Invoicing and cost coverage

The publication costs (Publish & Read-Fee (PAR-Fee)) are covered by the library through the settlement of tokens. There should be no individual invoices to authors.