Since 2018, the GFZ has been a member of the Open Access agreement between the Helmholtz Association and the Open Access publisher Frontiers.

The content of this agreement is that the Article Processing Charges (APC) for "corresponding authors" who wish to publish in any Frontiers journal are pre-financed centrally via the library as a deposit. The costs are then passed on internally to the author or section. Support by OA funds is possible (for details see below).

In addition, GFZ authors receive a 15% discount on the APC.

What do you have to do as a "corresponding author"?

  • When submitting the manuscript, please select "GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences" as "institutional payer" in the billing section.
  • Please always use your institution's e-mail address for communication with the publisher and when submitting the manuscript.

Invoicing and cost coverage

In general publication fees for articles in Frontiers journals are prefinanced centrally for GFZ staff members via the library as a deposit and then passed on to the author or his/her section. A prerequisite for this is that the author is a "corresponding author".

At the GFZ, APCs are allocated to the respective cost centers of the sections or third-party funded projects.

When an article is published, the library contacts the corresponding author or his/her secretariat and asks to be informed of the cost center for further accounting.

Support from the OA budget (half of the costs up to a maximum of 800 EUR) is generally possible if the requirements are met.

Information on publication costs and the OA budget at the GFZ can be found on the intranet:

Please note!

Any additional costs incurred are excluded from the agreement and will be invoiced individually to the authors. The additional costs must be paid by the section or from third-party funds.