Reference Management

Why should I use a reference management system?

Bibliographic software is designed to:

  • collect and document the origins of your thoughts, figures, facts or citations, so these can be located and cited easily.
  • import references from online databases, library catalogues, journals and websites.
  • organize and arrange references in your personal and searchable collection of literature, e. g. by projects or topics.
  • automatically export references in certain citation styles (Chicago, Harvard etc.) and export formats (BibTex, RIS etc.).
  • directly insert citations in documents through an interface to word processing software, e. g. MS Word or Open Office.

We offer (for groups or individually):

  • Introductions to reference management: Which one is the right tool for me?
  • Software trainings for EndNote, Mendeley or Zotero
  • Collaborative reference management

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding reference management.


  • Especially useful as single-user application for individual reference management
  • Handles huge reference collections
  • Properly working integration with MS Word and OpenOffice
  • Installation on workplace computer, use on the web or on an iPad
  • diverse display formats / citation styles
  • Import filter
  • Individual libraries can be exchanged and shared with up to 100 EndNote users (after registration in the online version)
  • Free basic version available online

A reduced version of Endnote can be used via Telegrafenberg network area without the need to install a local account - instead it is neccessary to register a single web account (add-on of the Web of Science).

  • Open source plugin for Firefox which closely integrates literature management into the browser
  • Available also as Standalone for Win, Mac and Linux
  • Save reference search -> Zotero will automatically collect material to saved search
  • Direct integration with Word, LibreOffice and Google Docs
  • > 9000 citation styles
  • Group functionalities
  • Troubleshooting tips for problems with Zotero data: 
    • General informationen:
    • If Zotero users notice that bookmarks and / or history have changed or disappeared, measures to verify data stored in the profile are available in the following section: "Where did my items go?" 
    • A first aid measure after an accidental "shooting" of the Zotero library (e. g. unintentional deletion of a large number of entries) can also be carried out: vgl. Abschnitt: "Restoring Your Zotero Library from a Backup"
    • We recommend to regularly back up your data - especially prior to a reinstallation of your operating system (PC / Notebook)

  • Open source application for managing BibTeX files
  • Load and save files directly in the BibTeX format (file extension .bib)
  • Import of bibliographic data of other formats in JabRef possible
  • Integrated sorting and search functionalities
  • Automatic download and embedding of fulltexts
  • Adaptation of the JabRef interface and the BibTex fields to own requirements
  • Menu and dialogue boxes available in different languages (e. g. Chinese, Danish, French, German, English ...)

  • Hybrid of reference management software, web-based platform and scientific social network
  • Especially suitable for collaborative and Besonders geeignet für die kollaborative und platform-independent reference management
  • Web, desktop and mobile application

  • Social bookmarking / joint use of publications
  • Import of publications via browser add-ons (for Firefox, Chrome, Safari) or via ISBN, ISSN, DOI, Barcodes
  • PDF upload possible
  • Saving datasets as BibTex files
  • Export available in several formats, e. g. EndNote, CSL, MSOffice XML, HTML
  • Plugin for JabRef

  • With this additional function, articles from Google Scholar can be added to a personal literature list. A Google account is required.

  • Reference management software for web, desktop (Mac / Windows) and mobile devices (iOS / Android / Kindle)
  • Subject to charge
  • Supports collaborative working with "Shared Collections"
  • Fulltexts can be uploaded
  • Personalized recommendation service for scientific articles
  • RSS feeds for "Related Articles"
  • SmartCite-plugin for Word
  • > 8000 citation styles, new styles can be added
Reference Management Software Comparison

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