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Collections in Albert and Update Frequency

Currently, there are 21 different sources integrated in the ALBERT-Index that are indexed completely or incrementally. At least once a month (not later than 1st of the month) we run a complete re-indexing of the entire ALBERT Indices.

Nr.NameCollection Update frequencyFull text indexing
1Books CatalogueBooksdailyno
2e-books (DFG)Booksmonthlyno
6Paper (German National Licenses) Articlesmonthlyno
7Paper CurrentArticlesdailyno
8Paper OAArticlesdailyyes
9Paper (Special Publications)Articlesdailyno
10Library as publisherArticlesdailyyes
12Data from GFZDatadailyyes
13NASA Technical Reportsother Sourcesdailyno
14Publ-DB GFZother Sourcesdailyno
15Publ-DB PIKother Sourcesdailyno
16Publ-DB IASSother Sourcesdailyno
17INKA BBother Sourcesmonthlyno
18FLOODSother Sourcesmonthlyno
19DEKORPother Sourcesmonthlyno
20ILPother Sourcesmonthlyno
21SEISMOLOGYother Sourcesmonthlyno

Stand: 25.01.2016