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In September 2023, after long negotiations, a contract was signed between the DEAL consortium and Elsevier. DEAL Elsevier enables authors from participating institutions to publish in around 2,500 Elsevier journals, including Cell Press and The Lancet, as well as reading access to almost the entire portfolio.

For publishing in Gold Open Access journals, authors receive a 20% discount on the list prices of publication charges (APCs) in Elsevier journals and 15% off in journals from Cell Press and The Lancet.

When publishing in subscription-based journals, a publish-and-read fee (PAR fee) of EUR 2,500.00 (EUR 6,450.00 for Cell Press and The Lancet journals) is charged, which is currently borne centrally by the GFZ.

The GFZ participates retroactively from 01.01.2024. For GFZ employees, this means that the journal portfolio can be accessed within the GFZ network. Elsevier is currently still working on activating the reading access; we will inform you as soon as this has been set up. Please note: if you are working from home, please choose access via VPN. 

More detailed information for authors can be found here:

In addition, the library will offer two dates for GFZ employees in the near future to inform authors about the publication process and answer open questions. The dates will be announced soon.

Information on the participation of RIFS in the agreement will follow shortly.

If you have any questions, please contact

More about DEAL-Elsevier on our website: