Publication Fees

Publishers typically charge fees (APCs, Article Processing Charges) for publication in Open Access journals, which must be paid by the authors or their institutions.

Also so-called page charges for the publication of articles with excess length and license fees for the subsequent use of illustrations, articles or the like (e.g. at the Copyright Clearance Center CCC) are subject to publication fees.

The Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) lists high-quality Gold and Diamond Open Access journals. Gold OA-Journals are financed by APCs, Diamond OA-Journals do not charge APCs to authors nor subscription fees to libraries or users. They are financed by membership fees, donations or sponsorship.

Do you have any questions about publication fees? We will be happy to advise you on costs (and assumption of costs) for the publication of (Open Access) articles and help you to clarify rights for subsequent use.

Funding options for Open Access publications

The options you have for financing publication costs depend on the publishers you wish to publish with, the institute you belong to, and whether your publication is financed by third-party funds or budget funds.

Detailed information for GFZ staff on the coverage of publication costs and the budget for Open Access publications can be found on the intranet at:


DEAL Wiley

The library participates in the DEAL contract with Wiley on behalf of AWI, IASS, GFZ & PIK.

DEAL Springer Nature

The library participates in the DEAL contract with Springer Nature on behalf of AWI, IASS, GFZ & PIK.


We have an agreement with the Open Access publisher Copernicus that allows employees of GFZ, PIK and AWI to have their APCs invoiced centrally via the library.


The GFZ is also taking part in the Open Access agreement between the Helmholtz Association and the Open Access publisher Frontiers. APCs by GFZ authors are discounted by 15% and prefinanced centrally via the library deposit.


GFZ and PIK staff receive a discount on APCs for publishing in MDPI journals. This is provided by MDPIs' Institutional Open Access Program (IOAP).


The GFZ has been participating in the Publish and Read agreement between the Helmholtz Association and Springer Nature since summer 2021. The agreement enables authors to publish hybrid Open Access in Nature and Nature-branded research journals.

Cambridge University Press (CUP)

The PIK participates in a Publish and Read agreement with Cambridge University Press (CUP).