Joint Library A17


  • Central contact
  • Location of all current journals. Management of e-journals.
  • Location of broad range of refernce materials.
  • Central handling of document delivery.
  • Coordination of all electronic services.

Our stock

  • Electronic access to thousands of journals.
  • about 1500 journal and series titles in print,
  • In total about 120.000 volumes.

The library includes rich historical stocks. Part of our collection are the old libraries of

  • Geodetic Institute Potsdam (founded 1870),
  • Geomagnetic Institute Potsdam (founded 1890),
  • Geotectonik Institute Berlin (founded 1946),
  • Magnetic-Meteorological Observatory (founded 1893)

and their successors.

Archival Stock

There is a huge stock of archive materials (correspondence, records, photographs, literary remains, about 145 linear metre) from the institute's history. It is served by the Brandenburgisches Landeshauptarchiv. The collection is labelled as "Rep. 645 Zentralinstitut für Physik der Erde (ZIPE)" and is contains material from 1860-1990. (Contact: Ms. Seidler 0331/5674-219). Preparation for local collection: G. Fanselau.

Help Desk

E-mail bib(at) 
Tel. 0331 / 288 1673

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