Widgets and Web Tools for Your Research

The widgets and web tools listed below are handy for scientific use. We hope that you find them useful. If you have any suggestions for other widgets to add to this page, contact us!

Logo of LOTSE

Google Scholar-Schaltfläche für den Browser

You can add the scholar ... to your Chrome or Firefox browser and access references in Google Scholar from any website

More information in Google Scholar the settings below "Button"


Logo of LOTSE

LOTSE - Your GPS device for literature search and scientific work

The abbreviation "LOTSE" stands for “Library Online Tour and Self Paced Education”. The Internet portal provides a starting point for users who are looking for scientific literature and intend to check/improve their skills in regard to scientific working.

LOTSE provides information about the following topics:

  • Search and acquisition of academic literature
  • Writing and publishing scientific works
  • Research projects, works and discussions within scientific communites
  • Finding adresses and making new contacts
  • Search and Suche and looking up facts

More information here: lotse.sub.uni-hamburg.de/toolbox


In a nutshell, Evernote is a cloud-based note-taking, organising and archiving application that works online and off, and synchs across multiple platforms. Use it to grab text, pictures, audio and web clippings. You can tag these notes, and group them in notebooks, which makes the search function outstanding. Users can share notes or collaborate securely on projects.
It is flexible, fast, convenient and easy to use.

More information: evernote.com


To co-ordinate dates for meetings is hard business. Most people use Doodle.
The German Research Network DFN offers a good alternative for all who don't trust the "cloud".

More information here: terminplaner2.dfn.de

Web conferencing

Broadcasting audio and video is provided by the German Research Network (DFN). Additionally it is possible to upload files to meetings. Most people use Skype. The DFN offers a good alternative for all, who don't trust the "cloud".

More information here: vc.dfn.de/en/web-conferencing.html

Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking tools like Delicious or Bibsonomy not only offer the possibility to collect and share bookmarks - they can also help you to manage references online. Working cross platform and collaborating with colleagues at independent sites, these tools offer new possibilities for the scientific workflow.

Web tools for better reading

While searching the internet for information, we often find interesting articles, webpages or videos, but it is not possible to read or view them all immediately. With web tools like "readability" or "pocket-read it later", you can save web sources and extract relevant content. You will get a clean text version without any annoying images and advertising. This text version is of course optimized for reading on your smartphone, or tablet, or e-reader.

Pocket - read it later!


With pocket you can:  

  • save web resources like articles, videos or anything for later into Pocket from your browser
  • read the information in a comfortable reading view on your tablet or mobile phone  

More information: getpocket.com/