Feed Collection

What are the benefits of RSS use?

RSS feeds and email alerts can be very helpful in the search for new literature in your areas of expertise.

For example:    

  • Contents of relevant journals   
  • New articles    
  • New books    
  • New data publications    
  • General news (politics, science ...)

RSS Feeds regularly publish updated web content in XML format. This format can be displayed with a variety of programs (so-called feed readers) or (e.g. Mozilla Thunderbird) subscribed to RSS aggregators.

News Feeds of the Library

You can use our search engine ALBERT to create an individual RSS feed or directly subscribe to feeds from your favorite magazines (if any) via a so-called Journal Subscribe Watchlist. For instructions see the FAQ.

News from the Institutes and the Geosciences

Publications of the Institutes as Feed

New Resources for your Subject

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