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Scientific Technical Report STR

The Scientific Technical Report STR is a series, in which theses, habilitations and other scientific results are published.

How it works:  

  • Notfication of a publication [PDF, 101 KB, GFZ Intranet]
  • Ask for a STR number in the library (Tel. 1673)
  • Send a PDF-file of the STR to the libary for electronic publication (mail or ftp://ftp.gfz-potsdam.de/pub/incoming/bib/)
  • Cover pages will be created by the library on the basis of the electronic version
  • We apply identifiers (e.g. DOI and URN) and give garantees for longtime availability. We also deposit an electronic copy at the German National Library for long term preservation.

If the report is to be printed:  

  • Print is billed to your section, talk to your section head
  • e.biss-Request > Form publication costs
  • Information on print (s. under 'Rahmenverträge mit Abrufschein')
  • Library gets an offer from the print office
  • 60 copies are to be send to the libary (we distribute them to other libraries)

What is a "Final Draft"?

For secondary publication in the sense of Open Access you may not use the original publisher generated PDF. In most cases only a "Final Draft" is allowed.

“Final Draft“ defines the status of your article after the peer review. In other words: we need a version which has the same content like the publishers’ PDF, but differs in its appearance (for example your final Word-document).

If you want to publish your article on our open access repository, please send a final draft of your article to: openaccess(at)gfz-potsdam.de and ensure growing citation by broader perception of your article.

What is a DOI and a URN?

DOI (Digital Object Identifier) and URN (Uniform Resource Name) are so called persistent identifiers. Every persistent identifier consists of an unique string. The DOI for example is structured in 2 parts, a prefix and a suffix: 

10.2312 - prefix / GFZ.B103-12066 - suffix

A DOI or URN for an online document is defined once and for all and stays with the document in the case that such a document moves to another server, i.e. get another url address. Any change of address is announced to the registration authority for the identifiers. They identify electronic objects and are very helpful for citing documents.

DOI / URN - Assigning

The library can offer both systems. For GFZ publications like Scientific Technical Reports (DOI and URN) and PIK-Reports (URN) we assign such identifiers as a standard. But we can also handle other publications like conference proceedings like this. Furthermore the library can assign DOI for data publications.

More information on our service here.


Open accessible fulltexts and their metadata can be harvested automatically from repositories using the standard OAI-PMH (Version 2). Harvesters usually use this technique. This standard meets the requirements defined in the Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities  for institutional repositories

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