What do I have to take into account when using electronic journals? 


When printing an article from PDF please make sure that you apply the print function of your PDF reader instead of your browser functions.


You can download and save full texts from each computer of the Wissenschaftspark. Exceptions are the library's user terminals which are not allowed to save a document (but to print).

Publisher's terms of use

Full texts may be printed and/or saved only for personal use or research purposes. Systematically download, e.g. whole volumes, is prohibited.

May I have access to electronic journals as a member of another institution outside the Wissenschaftspark?

No, you may not. For legal licensing reasons these electronic journals are available for employees of the Wissenschaftspark Albert Einstein only. You have to place an interlibrary request at your own library.

Are the licensed journals also registered in the EZB?

Yes, they are. On the EZB homepage you can find all licensed (yellow spot) and free (green spot) available journals of the Wissenschaftspark.

How can I get articles from journals that are not available in the library?

In this case please place an order for document delivery.

Where can I find or search for journals?

You can search our holding using the search engine ALBERT. There is also the possibility to search for keywords or to use the A-Z list.

Why are there journals outside the subject among relevant journals in our holdings?

Many journals are acquired as an entire package via DFG National Licences and consortium agreements. Thus those titles coming from automated update processes into the holdings.

Why do I have no full text access to certain issues?

Not all journal volumes are licensed. Most old volumes would incur additional charges. For example, current issues are not available if it is acquired by DFG National Licences or are free available after an embargo (e.g., 'Free after two years'). Please gather licensed period from the record's indication 'Holding' in ALBERT. Here you will find some examples:

Go to Journal | Holding: 1.1966 -

means: Current available since first volume 1966 as an online journal (Chemical Geology)

Go to Journal | Holding: 9.1997 -

means: Current available since 9th volume 1997 as an online journal (Basin Research)

Go to Journal | Holding: 1.1992 - 9.2001

means: Available since 1st volume 1992 until 9th volume 2001 as an online journal (Hydrogeology Journal)

Location: 19/2-4 | Holding: 60.1992 -

means: Current available since 60th volume 1992 as a printed journal, location compact magazine A17, shelf 19/2-4 (Ecological Modeling)

Location: AWI A43, LZ 13 Mitte | Holding: 34.2002 -

means: Current available since 34th volume 2002 as a printed journal, location AWI A43, shelf 13 (Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research)

Who is my contact person?

The “serials crisis” or why journals are getting more and more expensive?

The term “serials crisis” has become common shorthand for the runaway cost increases of many scholarly journals. The crisis is a result of the cost rising much faster than the rate of inflation; the cost per journal and the number of such journals proliferates, while the funds available to the libraries remains stationary in real terms. [Source: Wikipedia ...read on]

What are DFG National Licenses?

To improve sustained supply to German universities, research institutes as well as scientific libraries with electronic specific information, the German Research Foundation (DFG) funds acquisition of national licenses since 2004. The object of this funding is to make freely available databases, digital text collections and electronic journals especially for researchers and students.

Employees of GFZ, PIK, AWI and IASS have automatic access to all digital resources available through national licenses. To make retrieval easier, the range of national licenses is integrated in the search engine ALBERT.

What do I need to read electronic full texts?

Most electronic papers are available in PDF. So you need a PDF reader. This format reflects the printed issue's layout. Some full texts are also available in HTML format and few publishers provide the choice between both formats.

How can I purchase a request for a journal which is missing in the library from my point of view?

As the subscription of a journal puts the library to expenses for years, this is subject for discussions in the library committees. It is helpful, if you name some colleagues who are also interested in that journal. Please send your request to the library.

Who can use electronic journals licensed by the library Wissenschaftspark Albert Einstein?

Employees from GFZ, PIK, AWI and IASS are equally entitled to use electronic journals from computers with internet connection within the campus. The identification on the publisher's website happens through checking the IP address. Outside the campus there is the possibility to access e-journals using [VPN].

Can I have a look at electronic journals from home?

Yes, you can, if you use VPN to login into the campus network.

Search for maps, charts, figures in articles

You are looking für maps, charts, figures from journal articles?

Use http://opengeosci.org/ - a map based discovery tool for the journals included in GeoScienceWorld
(GFZ only). 

Use GeoRef (GFZ only) http://search.proquest.com/georef/figtables?accountid=15969
for a verbal search in more than 3,500 journals.