FAQ EndNote

EndNote & SFX

In many systems for reference management you can include our knowledgebase SFX to link directly to full texts available trough subscriptions the library holds.

Include this URL in your program:: http://sfx.kobv.de/sfx_wae/

Example Endnote (since Version 7)

Settings in EndNote

  • Menu: Edit / Preferences / Find Full Text
  • Enable OpenURL: Checkbox aktivieren.
  • OpenURL Path: http://sfx.kobv.de/







Travelling Library 

The Travelling Library refers to the formatted citations in your Word document.

A Travelling Library is created for each Word document when you use Cite While You Write (CWYW). Each time you format a citation (e.g. insert a reference from either EndNote or EndNote Web) EndNote will look in your open library to find the corresponding reference. If the library is not available or not open, EndNote uses the Travelling Library for reference information.

This allows you to collaborate with other authors on a paper without each author having the same EndNote library because reference data is kept with each formatted citation.

The reference data saved with each citation includes all fields except Notes, Abstract, and Figure.

You can also create an EndNote Library from a Travelling Library (or add the references to an existing library) but remember that the references in the new EndNote Library will have different record numbers than those in the original library, so do not reformat your document unless you have the original library open.