FAQ Document Delivery

How much is a document delivery? 

The library bears the costs for document delivery. These costs depend on the sources we order from. As an example: a common delivery system charges € 6.50 for a paper or book chapter,  a book will be charged with € 9. If we have to use publishers' pay per view, prices vary between € 15 and € 50.

How long will a document delivery take? 

Usually, a paper request takes 1 working day and book requests will take about 7-10 working days. Unfortunately, specific information about delivery time is not possible, because different factors (book borrowed, book not for borrowing, journals at the bookbinder) affect processing time.

In which format will delivered articles from journals and books be? 

You will always receive a printed copy at your in-house address. In many cases we make the digital document available as PDF. A corresponding indication will be on the cover sheet of the printed copy.

In which way will you be informed about receipt of your book request? 

As soon as the requested medium has been received by the library and is prepared for pick up or inspection you will get a call or an e-mail.

Why is the quality of requested papers sometimes quite bad? 

Since commencement of the new copyright on 1st January 2008 it is only allowed exceptionally to libraries to transfer electronically documents. Merely permitted are (digital) fax and paper, whereof fax version often being of bad quality, but far quicker.

Your request is very urgent? 

In this case please indicate in the field 'notes' of the order form a corresponding message or call us directly (phone 1673). Please note that order costs can be up to € 50. If necessary, we will get in touch with you.

How long is the loan period for interlibrary loans? 

The loan period is appointed differently by each individual delivery library. Normally it is six weeks, but can be sometimes limited to a few days. On the white paper slip in the book you will see the respective loan period and whether a renewal is possible.