A dip into the Pendulum Hall

Between 1898 and 1904, Friedrich Jakob Kühnen and Philipp Furtwängler made the first precise determintation of the absolute gravity value "g" in the pendulum hall. A measurement pillar of the Geodetic Institute subsequently became the world gravity reference point in 1909. The "Potsdam Gravity System" served as the world reference system until 1971. Gravity System" served as the world reference system until 1971.

You can access the pendulum in Building A17 (former Geodetic Institute Potsdam) via the library of the Wissenschaftspark Albert Einstein. The restauration of the pendulum hall was finished in 2011 and it now contains next to geodetic instruments also a part of our historic book collection.

Ein Universaltheodolit im Pendelsaal

Blick in den Pendelsaal in der Bibliothek (A 17)

Mit dem historischen Pendel wurde von 1898-1904 durch Kühnen und Furtwängler am Geodätischen Institut der absolute Schwerewert bestimmt.

Blick auf das historische Pendel

Blick auf historische Messgeräte und Bücher im Pendelsaal.