Document Delivery

You didn't find the literature you are looking for? We will provide the corresponding literature by borrowing the book from other libraries within a few days via interlibrary loan.

You are also welcome to use the preview option of Ebook Central before ordering. More on Proquest's Ebook Central at: find/e-books/

Place an order for material such as articles, books, or conference proceedings not available at the library.

The service is only available for staff of GFZ, PIK, AWI and IASS. That is why you have to authenticate before you can place an order. Please log into our portal:

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Details on the reference should be indicated as complete as possible.

How long will a document delivery take?

Usually, a paper request takes 1 working day and book requests will take about 7-10 working days. Unfortunately, specific information about delivery time are not possible, because different factors (book borrowed, book not for borrowing, journals at the bookbinder) affect processing time.

How much is a document delivery?

The library bears the costs for document delivery.

These costs depend on the sources where we order. As an example: a common delivery system charges € 7.50 - € 9.00 for a paper or book chapter, a book will be charged with € 9. If we have to use publishers' pay per view, prices vary between € 15 and € 50.

Please return the interlibrary loans by the due date to avoid extended loan charges from the lending libraries.

Your request is very urgent?

In this case please indicate in the field 'notes' of the order form a corresponding message or call us -1673. Please note that order costs can be up to € 50. If necessary, we will get in touch with you.

Help Desk

You can reach us during our opening hours:
Monday-Friday 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Tel.: +49 (0)331 288 1673

We are always available via e-mail:

E-books via Ebook Central

We offer employees of GFZ, AWI Potsdam, IASS, PIK access to e-books via ProQuest Ebook Central.