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Urheberrecht leicht gemacht : Karten und Geodaten für Unterricht, Wissenschaft und Beruf nutzen und publizieren / Leitfaden zum Urheberrecht der Gemeinsame Kommission Recht und Geodatenvon DGfK, DGPF und DVW. [PDF, 652 KB, German only]


Creative Commons: CC-BY 
What does this mean, where can I use it? 

Extract from the "Guidelines for Scientific Publications" at GFZ

[...] GFZ electronic publications are freely accessible under a Creative Commons Licence. A corresponding note is to be included in the files. The Creative Commons Licence should embrace the following standards:  
a) Citation, name of the work, i.e. citation of the work, in accordance with good scientific practice.
b) Sharing under the same conditions (share alike). [...]

More Information in the GFZ-Intranet

Overview of open licences for software

Re-Use of texts and figures

Use of tables und graphs from other publications. Please check the copyright if you include tables or graphs from other publications. There is no global right to do this, copyright holders are to be considered. See "Permissions" on publishers' websites. You will find publishers who allow the re-use of illustrations without further asking (Examples: Seismological Society of America, AGU). Others expect you to ask for permission, but help you with a form.

Copyright Clearance Center, Rightslink

Some publishers, like Elsevier, cooperate with the Copyright Clearance Center (Rightslink). In this case, please contact the library, we are registered there.

Lecture for Working Groups

Images Graphics and Text : Own Rights and the Rights of Others in Scientific Daily Routine


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