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Purchase Request

If we do not have the literature you are looking for, you can contact us by making a document delivery request or a book purchase suggestion.

How can I get a book which is not in the library's stock?

The library welcomes suggestions to purchase books and other materials for our library collections. Employees from:

After reviewing your request the library will order the book immediately (we get special discounts), catalogue it and display it for a week on the recent acquisitions shelf. Of course we will inform you when the book can be picked up.

How can I purchase a journal that is missing in the library?

As the subscription of a journal puts the library to expenses for years, this subject must be discussed in the library committees.

It would be very helpful if you could name colleagues who are also interested in the same journal. Please send us your request and we will contact you and keep you updated.

Good to know

Who bears the cost for the books?

The book will be paid from the library budget.