Manage your References

Desktop systems


  • EndNote is very useful as standalone application for individual reference management. The system handles huge reference collections very good and the integration with MS Word and OO works proper.
  • EndNote Web can be used via browser without installing the whole program on your computer. 
  • Installation of the full version on your workplace computer is possible at Telegrafenberg. Additionally or instead: a reduced version of Endnote can be used via Telegrafenberg network area without the need to install a local account - instead it is neccessary to register a single web account (add-on of the Web of Science).
  • diverse output styles, import filter, integration with MS Word


  • Automatic import of references (books, papers, ...) via manuel entry of identifier (ISBN, DOI) or via import from database (Citavi provides the tool "Picking")
  • Import of search results or reminder list from web-databases and other reference management systems
  • Enrichment of references with abstracts, keywords, ...
  • Flexible creation of reference lists with the help of numerous citation styles 
  • Module "Knowledge Organization": provides space for arranging and compiling ideas to structure your collection/thesis/...
  • Planning tool: Manage your tasks and milestones (deadlines, importance, progress of work)


  • Operating system: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X ; App: Android
  • Basis-Version: Refeus Basic (free), Voll-Version: Refeus Plus (fee-based)
  • Standalone application (local) incl. online memory list "Infopool": caching search results from online-databases with the help of "WebCollect" or "Refeus Mobile"
  • Search:
    • directly from Refeus Standalone (author, title, ISBN)
    • via browser-plugin "Refeus WebCollect": supports the import of bibliographic data from online databases
    • App "Refeus Mobile": Scan of ISBN-numbers (from book covers) or via mobile device
  • Citation: >400 citation styles, edit and creation of new citation styles is possible
  • Writing: Creation of own documents and content elements in Refeus: set up of particular chapters, references between sources, own documents and particular content elements
  • possibilities to export content:
    Open/Libre-text / -presentation, PDF, XHTML, text, LaTeX
  • provides templates for creation of own documents (Refeus Basic), provides templates for document export (Refeus Plus)


  • Open source application for managing BibTeX-files
  • Possibilty of loading and saving BibTex-files
  • Import of bibliographic databases of other formats in JabRef
  • Integrated sorting-/search-functionalities


  • Open source application,integrated mind mapping tool and recommendation system for scientific literature

Web-based reference management

Similar to bookmarking tools like Delicious the www provides the possibility to manage and share reference lists online with others (social software). Great advantages of the systems are the independence from both PC-platform / location and the possibility to work together with colleagues / scientific community. The following list gives an overview of interesting web-tools:


  • free social bookmarking webservice
  • Export of BibTeX- or EndNote-datasets is possible


  • Social bookmarking / collaborative use of publications
  • PDF-Upload is possible
  • Saving of BibTex-datasets
  • Export of EndNote- and HTML-format
  • Plugin for Jabref
  • Firefox plugin, Google Chrome extension, Safari extension

EndNote basic / EndNote for iPad

  • Products are free of charge
  • Sync between different EndNote products (Desktop/Web/Mobile)
  • Interface to five artivle databases (basic)
  • seven bibliographic formats (p.e. MLA / APA) (basic)
  • Microsoft Word Plugin (basic)
  • Editing functions for PDF-documents (iPad)


  • commercial platform of CSA
  • Word-Plugin "Write-N-Cite", also for Mac
  • Several file-formats can be uploaded as attachements for references
  • Import and Search of references with "RefGrab-It" via interfaces: ISBN, DOI, PubMed ID and COinS.
  • Mobil: RefMobile


  • free of charge (but proprietary) offer from the area around Cambridge University
  • supports mobile devices (Android)
  • combination of reference manager (incl. PDF), citation manager and mind mapping tool
  • citation formats: Word, BibTeX/LaTeX / several thousands of citation styles
  • Sync and collaboration via "Qiqqa Web Libraries"

Google Scholar Library

  • With the help of Google Scholar Library you can add articles from Google Scholar to your own reference list. You need a Google account to use this additional function.

Hybrid Systems


  • open source browser plugin for Mozilla Firefox and standalone for Win, Mac, Linux
  • Styles, Import, Export to Endnote, BibTeX
  • integration in MS Word
  • group functionalities
  • Tips for Troubleshooting with Zotero files:
    • General information: (German only)
    • Missing or changed bookmarks, see section: "Fehlerbehebung bei Problemen mit Zotero-Daten"
    • First aid measures after deletion of bookmarks, see section: "Bibliothek aus dem letzten automatischen Backup wiederherstellen"
    • We recommend to regularly back up your data - especially prior to a reinstallation of your operating system (PC/Notebook)


  • hybrid of reference management software, web-based platform and scientifc social network
  • especially suitable for collaborative reference management cross platform


  • Reference management software which is subject to a fee. It is available for web, desktop (Mac / Windows) and mobile devices (iPhone / iPad). Supports scientific collaboration in regard to share papers with other researchers.

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