What is a DOI and a URN?

DOI (Digital Object Identifier) and URN (Uniform Resource Name) are so called persistent identifiers. Every persistent identifier consists of an unique string. The DOI for example is structured in 2 parts, a prefix and a suffix: 

10.2312 - prefix / GFZ.B103-12066 - suffix

A DOI or URN for an online document is defined once and for all and stays with the document in the case that such a document moves to another server, i.e. get another url address. Any change of address is announced to the registration authority for the identifiers. They identify electronic objects and are very helpful for citing documents.

DOI / URN - Assigning

The library can offer both systems. For GFZ publications like Scientific Technical Reports (DOI and URN) and PIK-Reports (URN) we assign such identifiers as a standard. But we can also handle other publications like conference proceedings like this. Furthermore the library can assign DOI for data publications.

More information on our service here.

DOI / URN - Resolver

With the help of resolving systems these identifiers always hint to the current location of a document on the web.

Resolver DOI - or use prefix

Resolver URN
- or use prefix

DOI - Plugins - Tools, e.g. to integrate DOI resolving into your browser.

Datacite & CrossRef - DOI Citation Formatter (beta)
A tool to format citations directly with DOI.