Scientific Technical Report STR

The GFZ Scientific Technical Report is a series, which publishes thesis, habilitations and other scientific results.

How it works: 

  • Notfication of a publication [PDF, 101 KB, GFZ Intranet]
  • Ask for a STR number in the library (Tel. 1673)
  • Send a PDF-file of the STR to the libary for electronic publication (mail or
  • Cover pages will be created by the library on the basis of the electronic version
  • We apply identifiers (e.g. DOI and URN) and give garantees for longtime availability. We also deposit an electronic copy at the German National Library for long term preservation.

If the report is to be printed: 

  • Print is billed to your section, talk to your section head
  • e.biss-Request > Form publication costs
  • Information on print (s. unter 'Rahmenverträge mit Abrufschein')
  • Library gets an offer from the print office
  • 60 copies are to be send to the libary (we distribute them to other libraries)