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Scientific Technical Report

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Author Information

(Co-) Author: Bindi, Dino

  • Bindi, D., Picozzi, M., Spallarossa, D., Cotton, F., Kotha, S. (2019): Impact of Magnitude Selection on Aleatory Variability Associated with Ground‐Motion Prediction Equations: Part II—Analysis of the Between‐Event Distribution in Central Italy. - Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, 109, 1, p. 251-262.

  • Picozzi, M., Bindi, D., Spallarossa, D., Oth, A., Di Giacomo, D., Zollo, A. (2019): Moment and energy magnitudes: diversity of views on earthquake shaking potential and earthquake statistics. - Geophysical Journal International, 216, 2, p. 1245-1259.