Publications Distribution

You can order the following publications:

Scientific Technical Report STR

ISSN: 2190-7110
They are published as limited edition in print. For a fee of 10 € printed copies can be ordered at:

Bibliothek des Wissenschaftsparks Albert Einstein
Telegrafenberg A17
14473 Potsdam
0049-0331-288-1914 (Fax)

 The reports are published under a Creative Commons-License and are available as open access publication.



New Manual of Seismological Observatory Practice (NMSOP)

Volume 1&2
Editor: Peter Bormann
GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam, 2002

ISBN 3-9808780-0-7



»NMSOP-2, 2nd web edition (2012)




Stratigraphic Table of Germany Compact 2012a (STDK 2012)

Deutsche Stratigraphische Kommission (DSK) (Eds.; Coordination and Layout: M. Menning & A. Hendrich) (2012)

Please order your free copy of the STDK 2012a from the library. Just write us an e-mail (including contact details): bib(at)




Reise durch die Zeit / Umweltbühne - Dr. Pohls Puppentheater

Cost: 5 Euro

Please order here a copy of the childrens's book "Reise durch die Zeit" in German.
Just write us an e-mail (including contact details): bib(at)