Copyright and Re-use of Images and Graphs

German Copyright Law

The last change of German Copyright Law took effect in January 2008. For education and research the change was for the worse. On the pages of  the "Urheberrecht für Bildung und Wissenschaft" you will find relevant information (in German). Since 2012 a further discussion was opened.

The right for secondary publications was introduced by the German Parliament in June 2013.
Information and crittique:
"Bundestag bringt Zweitveröffentlichungsrecht auf den Weg" / Heinz Pampel (2013) [WWW, German only]

Urheberrecht leicht gemacht : Karten und Geodaten für Unterricht, Wissenschaft und Beruf nutzen und publizieren / Leitfaden zum Urheberrecht der Gemeinsame Kommission Recht und Geodatenvon DGfK, DGPF und DVW. [PDF, 652 KB, German only]


Creative Commons / (2015)

Open Content – A practical guide to using Creative Commons licences / T. Kreutzer (2014) [PDF, 2,4 MB] - German version available -

Open Content Lizenzen : ein Leitfaden für die Praxis / T. Kreutzer (2011) [PDF, 2,45 MB]

Folgen, Risiken und Nebenwirkungen bei nichtkommerziellen CC-Lizenzen / P. Klimpel (2012) [PDF, 586 KB]

For digital works like text, images, mp3 files, video: Creative Commons [WWW]

Creative Commons - A short introduction to Creative Commons (CC) / written by Reference and Research Services of the German Paliament (2009) [PDF, 61 KB, German only]

Software: GNU General Public License (GPL) [WWW]

Open Source Lizenzen / compiled by Institut für Rechtsfragen der Freien und Open Source Software (ifrOSS)

Use of tables und graphs from other publications

Please check copyright if you include tables or graphs from other publications. There is no global right to do this, copyright holders are to be considered. See "Permissions" on publishers websites. You will find publishers who allow the reuse of illustrations without further asking (Examples: Seismological Society of America, AGU). Others expect yout to ask for permission, but help you with a form.

Some publishers, like Elsevier, cooperate with the Copyright Clearance Center (Rightslink). In this case, please contact the Library, we are registered there.

Of course you have to supply a correct citation of the original work.

Cumulative dissertations

Check all rights for publication of included articles in advance!

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