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12.07.2018 16:08 Age: 340 days
Category: General

DEAL-Negotiations on hold: Elsevier interrupts access to content of the current year.

The Alliance of Science Organisations in Germany negotiates national contracts with the three big publishers. The Deal Initiative aims for a national contract (read and publish) which allows all participating institutions electronic access to journals of these three publishers based on a fair and future-oriented pricing method, independed of previous subscriptions. Concurrently all publications of authors from German institutions shall be made Open Access (CC-BY, incl. peer review).  See: https://www.projekt-deal.de/

SpringerNature and Wiley agreed on transition contracts for 2018 to give time for further negotions. Whereas Elsevier refused to move into such agreements. To support the DEAL process, more than 200 German institutions, including us, have not prolonged their 2017 expiring agreements with Elsevier. But Elsevier up to now didn't cut access.

The German Science Organisations have now put the negotiations with Elsevier on hold, as there is still no acceptable offer from Elsevier's side (https://www.hrk.de/presse/pressemitteilungen/pressemitteilung/meldung/verhandlungen-von-deal-und-elsevier-elsevier-forderungen-sind-fuer-die-wissenschaft-inakzeptabel-440/). In consequence Elsevier interrupted yesterday the access to content of the current year. But they still underline their will to talk.

This means:

- access to subscribed content up to end of 2017 works.

- if you need a new article, just use our document delivery (http://bib.telegrafenberg.de/en/services/ausleihen/document-delivery/).

Currently also in Nature: Dutch publishing giant cuts off researchers in Germany and Sweden https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-018-05754-1