For staff of the local institutions the Library Wissenschaftspark Albert Einstein offers access to e-books provided by ProQuest Ebook Central (EC)

>> ProQuest Ebook Central
To log in, EC-account holders need the user number from their library card (incl. '0') in combination with the corresponding password (Default: date of birth - DDMMYYYY ; Customized: see Registration)

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To use the e-books service you need an user account at EC.
Precondition to get an EC user account is a valid user account with the Library Wissenschaftspark Albert Einstein. If this precondition is met, just send us a short e-mail: bib(at)gfz-potsdam.de or give the help desk a call: -1673.

Alternatively you can use the user interface of EC to apply for an account (>> Registration EC). Here you can set a customized password.

Please note: Proquest EC is an external provider. With the registration for EC, your name and institutional e-mail-address will be recorded there.

If you're not yet a registered user with the Library Wissenschaftspark Albert Einstein, please register first. >> Registration

General Conditions of Use

Initially the use of EC is for free. After a search in the EC catalogue, the selected book can be read via the online-reader for five minutes. Depending on the publisher there even might be download and/or print options for parts of the book available in this timeframe.
After five minutes the book will be blocked in the online-reader. The upcoming notification gives you the possibilty to request a fee-based loan or purchase from the library. The library-staff will review your request and will get in touch with you.

After 24h you are able to read the book for five minutes again.

Required Software and DRM

To use some  of the functions you may need to install the software 'Adobe Digital Editions' on your computer. Its primary function is the Digital Rights Management (DRM) that, for example, terminates a PDFs validity after a certain period of time.

If needed, please contact your institutes IT-Support for help with the installation.

Help Desk

E-Mail bib(at)gfz-potsdam.de
Tel. 0331 / 288 1673