What is SFX?

With the SFX-Service (SFX=acronym for "special effects") the library offers you a fast and comfortable way to search literature and retrieve full texts. During a search in a bibliographic database like the Web of Science or Scopus, you can check directly via SFX-button if the full text is available in our resources. Of course under the condition that we have a license for the journal including electronic full texts.

SFX Service page

After a search in many of our bibliographic databases you will find a SFX button. Click on the SFX button to generate a service page with information on our holdings. Depending on your search results and the availability of full texts on the campus Telegrafenberg different links are offered.

Basic: If the full text to your search result is available (based on our licences), an appropriate link will be generated.

Advanced (offers more features): Look up articles of authors in

  • Web of Science or GeoRef
  • Export Metadata to EndNote
  • Google Scholar
  • Search engines

SFX integration in Google Scholar

If you are using a browser like Mozilla Firefox, you can integrate SFX links into you Google Scholar search results. Just start google scholar, select "Scholar Preferences" and search in the "Library Links" box for "Albert Einstein". Select our library and save your settings.

Full text not available?

If you are looking for a book or article that is not available in our collection we can get it for you. Just click on the service page on "Request document via Library/Bibliothek".

The reference data will be inserted automatically into the request form. You need to be logged into our portal for authenification.

More information on our document delivery service here».