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GFZ Data Services

Homepage of the repository of GFZ Data Services

GFZ Data Services is an Open Access repository for Earth Science research data hosted at GFZ. The data are archived, persistently accessible and published with citable digital object identifier (DOI). Datasets published via GFZ Data Services range from large dynamic datasets from data intensive global monitoring networks with real-time acquisition to the full suite of highly heterogeneous datasets collected by individual researchers or small teams ("long-tail data").


RI@GFZ is the one-stop discovery portal for research infrastructures and data at GFZ. It enables structured searches across disciplines, product categories (data, services and software), infrastructure, people, sections and provides basic information with links to homepages and data.

Research Data - across institutions


KomFor is the link between research and community based data facilities, libraries and journals collaborating to improve the quality and availability of research data in the earth sciences. You can search for research data within various projects and data centers (e.g. PANGAEA, GFZ, WDCC).


DataCite an important partner for DOI allocation for research data. In collaboration with data centres, DataCite is developing a technical infrastructure to facilitate DOI registration and to offer additional services for access to research data, their citing and retrieval.

Research Data Repositories - interdisciplinary - Registry of Research Data Repositories.
The web-based registry covers research data repositories (after specific selection criteria) from different academic disciplines and provides an current overview on international data collections.