Searching the captions of figures, map, and tables in geoscientific journals using GeoRef

„Just recently I’ve seen this really helpful figure–but in which paper?”

Have you ever wondered? Recover the figure, map, or table you are looking for might only take a few clicks. The GeoRef database indexes many geoscientific journals and offers a decisive search through the captions of figures, maps, and tables.

Advanced Search

Guidance: Finding a figure, map, or table using GeoRef

  • Open GeoRef’s advanced search:
  • Check the „Figures (Books & Journals)“ checkbox.
  • Type your search terms into the “conditional search” search mask. Caution: To find terms in the captions you want to be searching in the “full text”! Click “Search” to send your query.

There are two ways to restrict the search space: You can either define additional parameters in your query, or filter the results by way of facets via the menu to the left of the results display.

  • Like in most search portals, you can also search for the title of an article as well as for authors, publication years, and journals.
  • You can also restrict your query to only cover material with a particular spatial reference. 
  • GeoRef further offers facets which filter results by the branches of the Geosciences, and by the Geologic Time Scale.

Results can be sorted by relevance and publication date.