Collections in Albert and Update Frequency

Currently, there are 21 different sources integrated in the ALBERT-Index that are indexed completely or incrementally. At least once a month (not later than 1st of the month) we run a complete re-indexing of the entire ALBERT Indices.

Nr. Name Collection  Update frequency Full text indexing
1 Books Catalogue Books daily no
2 e-books (DFG) Books monthly no
3 e-books Books daily no
4 Maps Books daily no
5 Journals Journals daily no
6 Paper (German National Licenses)  Articles monthly no
7 Paper Current Articles daily no
8 Paper OA Articles daily yes
9 Paper (Special Publications) Articles daily no
10 Library as publisher Articles daily yes
11 PANGAEA Data daily yes
12 Data from GFZ Data daily yes
13 NASA Technical Reports other Sources daily no
14 Publ-DB GFZ other Sources daily no
15 Publ-DB PIK other Sources daily no
16 Publ-DB IASS other Sources daily no
17 INKA BB other Sources monthly no
18 FLOODS other Sources monthly no
19 DEKORP other Sources monthly no
20 ILP other Sources monthly no
21 SEISMOLOGY other Sources monthly no

Stand: 25.01.2016