About ALBERT - Tutorial

We offer the following search spaces (collections):

Branch libraries in ALBERT
Branches in ALBERT

(1) Books: Shows all the results of your search within our monographs holdings (GFZ, PIK, AWI, IASS approximately 90.000 records) and corresponds with a search in a common library catalog. This collection is enlarged by available electronic books [e-book], e.g. the Special Publications of the Geological Society of London (Lyell Collection), as well as electronic books from the DFG National Licences (only German).

Besides the usual possibilities you can use the following feature to refine your search (Refine):

  • Branch library when you only want to get results within the holdings of the branch libraries PIK, AWI, IASS)
  • Latest Books shows the list of current library acquisitions available for you on the "New acquisitions shelf".

Please find here a list of all items being added to our catalog within the last 14 days.  This includes also older books from our stock, which we make searchable piece by piece.

(2) Journals: Shows all the search results within our journal collection, electronic journals as well as print journals (approx. 14 000 records, this encompasses our subscriptions, access possibilities through consortium agreements, Open Access journals and the so-called DFG National Licences for journal archives). The preconfigured search space includes all accessible core journals for the earth sciences. 

You can enlarge the common search space through ‘Settings’ with other relevant subjects and their journals and articles within the national licences.

Show latest articles’ gives you direct access to the articles which were recently made accessible on the publishers’ servers. Including articles featuring as online first, articles in press and which have not yet been printed and are not searchable in Web of Science or GeoRef during this period. 

You can use the following possibility to refine your search (Refine):

Availability: ‘Current journals only’ or ‘online journals only’

(3) Articles: Is a search area with relevant scientific articles in addition to the search possibilities in classical bibliographical databases.

[Paper Current] contains the newest articles of relevant journals (Current Contents Service) and especially those articles that are accessible at the publishers’ servers, but not yet available as printed versions and that are therefore not yet referenced in GeoRef or Web of Science. After approximately one year these entries will be removed from our search engine.

[Paper OA] contains worldwide freely available relevant articles.


[Paper] enlarges the search space ‘Articles’ with articles from licensed electronic books and articles of journals and articles of books from the DFG National Licences. Especially the articles available through the national licences open an opportunity to look for older articles which are not included in our Web of Science subscription. You can widen the search space by other relevant subjects of the national licences through ‘Settings.

Please use [RSS] to create your own personal Current Contents Service.


(4) Data: Contains published scientific data from various sources. At the moment the metadata on data is from all published GFZ data with DOI [Data GFZ] and from the WDC Pangaea [Data Pangaea]. This search space will be extended. (

5) More: Contains the publications databases of GFZ [Citation GFZ], PIK [Citation PIK], and IASS [Citation IASS] sometimes with accessible full text. Furthermore you find bibliographies of the International Lithosphere Program (ILP) [Citation ILP], the Deutsches Kontinentales Reflexionsseismisches Programm (DEKORP) [Citation Dekorp] and a bibliography con-cerning the seismology (F. Roth and others) [Citation Seismologie].

What information can be searched within these sources? 

All the given information: Metadata (authors, title, publishers’ details and similar things) and tables of contents, abstracts, when they are provided. Even full texts, when they are openly accessible. Your search terms will be marked in the result list.

Further features:

  • SFX: Please use the SFX-Button to expand your search to additional sources like GeoRef, Web of Science or Google Scholar (authors or topic).
  • Show Details: Displays more content related information (bibliographic description, book covers, item availability and, if possible, a look inside a book via Google books).
  • RSS (icon next to search field): Stay up to date with individual RSS. You can subscribe to the service and you will be informed when there are new items in ALBERT that matches your individual search terms. This will especially be helpful for current tables of contents from journals or to new acquisitions corresponding to your search terms.
  • Permalink: For your bookmarks. When we change for example the vendor of the electronic access to a journal, this Permalink will take you directly to the currently licensed source.
  • Settings: Set up your personal preferences in ALBERT. You can regulate the number of displayed results or position the “Refine your search-box” on the left or the right side. First of all, you can enlarge the search area with ‘Topics’ with up to 6,700,000 documents from sources of the DFG National Licenses.

How does the search work?

  • Simple Search combines words usually with the Boolean operator AND.
  • Advanced Search combine your search terms (author, corporation, title, content, publication date) with the Boolean operator And; OR; NOT
  • Use wildcards, e.g. antar*ti* to find Antarctic, Antarkis, antarktisch or other forms.

 Examplery searches:

How do I get to know, if the library has for example volume 151 of the Special Publications of the Geological Society of London?
  • Geological Society London Special Publication 151
  • Geol* Soc* Spec* Publ* 151
How do I find the journal ‘Geophysical Journal International’?
  • Geophysical Journal International
  • GJI
How do I find all journals with a ‘geo’ in the title?
  • *geo* --> Collection: Journals


This library search engine is a project in cooperation with the Kooperativer Bibliotheksverbund Berlin Brandenburg (KOBV).

Contact: albert-feedback(at)gfz-potsdam.de